Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

In Part II of What DTS Did On Its Summer Vacation: Atlantic City Edition, we ask - after a grueling henna session, what else could one need other than a nice, soothing massage?

Luckily, I have two AC "Spa" recommendations which come with extremely top-notch credentials. The first:

As you can see, this massage parlor has the distinction of getting the highly coveted rating of "Voted # [Thumbs Up]." Have you ever seen any place worthy of getting that rating before?! Of course not. The Voted # [Thumbs Up] is the equivalent of 6 Michelin Stars, of a 900 SAT verbal score, of Grade A+++ meat. So elusive that it is thought not even to exist...until, one day, you are lucky enough to spot it in the last place you would expect it. Just a hop away from the image of a urinating defunct Sunday comic character.

You're probably wondering what other massage recommendation I have that could possibly beat that. Only this:

It may not have the rating or the elitist attitude. But it seems to me like a happy ending is being guaranteed. And, sometimes, isn't it all about doing away with the fancy frou frous and getting down to the good old-fashioned simple joys of life?

That's Atlantic City for you: something for everyone.

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  1. I do believe "Voted #Thumbs-Up" is the funniest things I've seen in quite a long time. Well done.