Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

You know it's holiday time in Times Square when:

1) Dingy Elmo changes out his pimp hat for a Santa hat.

2) Santa's silhouette juxtaposes with the Lace stripper silhouette to make this striking high-art image.

3) I finally find out who those mannequins around the GMA holiday table are supposed to be and it suddenly makes so much more sense that it's Carrot Top in that weird Satan worship pose.

And that Donny is actually, er, missing and Marie is instead holding court with Wayne Newton, with Bette Midler presiding. In a Big Bird head.

Did I say "makes more sense?" I meant "makes everything infinitely creepier."

But I choose to look at this as GMA's subtle homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas instead of A Precursor to ST's Vivid Nightmares. Because believing in miracles is part of the holiday spirit.

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