Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go(eth) Knicks!

Attention Planet Hollywood patrons! You'll be happy to know that the meat you consume has been freshly purveyed each and every Tuesday via Knickerbocker Meat, Inc. whose logo represents one or possibly all of the following:

a) An effeminate pilgrim waving a team flag at his favorite sporting event. Pilgrims = turkey = fresh meat!
b) A soccer mom about to cut her son's greasy ponytail in his sleep with a kitchen cleaver. Mom jeans = room to allow for consumption of fresh meat!
c) George Washington about to cut down a cherry tree. I never quite understood why but that story had something do with honesty = integrity of fresh meat!

Enjoy your $16 burger whilst you stare at Rocky's used gym towel lovingly encased under six-inch bulletproof glass.

1 comment:

  1. Why are visions of the "Child's Play" movies dancing through my head?