Friday, March 20, 2009

The Swedish Chef Better Watch His Back

You know what I think when I see this guy standing outside of a deli:

I think: Man, am I hungry. I think this even if I'm NOT hungry. It could have something to do with the chef's own obviously full stomach (I mean, that's the most accurate depiction of 'this button's about to POP' I've ever seen rendered in...whatever hell medium this statue is in). Or maybe it's the dirty apron that's saying this is a place for freshly butchered meat and/or backroom abortions. Perhaps it's the fishhook eyebrow acting that's telling me this guy has serious chops and could potentially be only one audition away from landing the lead role in Mannequin III.

Most likely, though, it's the lazy eye/thumbs up combo. See, because the eye gives him a certain element of endearing vulnerability. And, obviously, anything with a thumbs up attached to it must be consumed immediately to bring about nothing short of unadulterated bliss. Everyone knows that.

Excuse me, I need to get a sandwich. And I think I know where I'm going.

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  1. i'm going to send you an email but you are really hilarious!