Monday, June 15, 2009

They're Cross-Promoting!

On Friday, I once again was lucky enough to get a glimpse at the most famous rodent couple of all-time.

Not only was Mickey sporting a brand-new jacket (I'm assuming the MJ one was in the wash), but it matched his starry clogs and was probably so uber-patriotic that the cops wouldn't dare mess with him this time.

And, Minnie, god bless her, was finally taking a stand against the age-old cat/mouse war by sporting a kitty backpack. Though I'm pretty sure that's not just any kitty. It looks an awful lot like merchandising for Generico Cantbesuedforcopyrightinfringement Cat to me! That's so sweet of you, Min! You're using your celebrity for a good cause and helping out a lesser-known tourist trap at the same time.

Long live the Brotherhood of the Fake Giant Plush People! It's so heartwarming to know that they're all looking out for one another, isn't it?

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