Friday, May 1, 2009

When Good Mice Go Bad

Picture this: You are a beloved oversized rodent, your oversized rodent ladyfriend on your arm, taking a romantic stroll down Broadway.

What could the extenuating circumstances be that would cause this to happen:

Some hypotheses:

1) Michael Jackson has filed a missing jacket report. Uncle Sam has filed a missing hat report. The drum major of a local high school marching band has filed a missing pants report. No one, however, has come forward to claim owning gigantic blue starry Crocs.
2) In relation to the previously documented Minnie/Elmo encounter, Mr. M has insisted that Minnie file a police report describing the salacious behavior of the red-furred one. Of course, giving a proper description of the muppet could prove to be tricky, considering the alarming multiplication rate of persons who could answer to his description.
4) After getting the Naked Cowboy's legal advice, Minnie has decided to finally take action and trademark her gigantic-bow-on-head look. Lady Gaga, prepare to be served.
3) These upstanding citizens are being questioned as eyewitnesses to a possible Elmo-on-Elmo crime that occurred recently.
5) These officers are actually on Operation:Dali, also known as the WTF Patrol. They can frequently be seen traversing Times Square and are there to protect the people from a level of absurdity too dangerous for the psyche of the average citizen to handle.

1 comment:

  1. The most disturbing part about it is that Minnie and Mickey continue to smile in the face of the law. Cold blooded, I say...