Thursday, May 7, 2009

Window Display, Interrupted

The tragedy of being stuck in a courtroom instead of reporting on Times Square continues.

But I did find this little gem in my hard drive:

This is an H&M window display. From 2009.

Let's examine the male outfit, shall we? Now I've discussed this tight pink pants phenomenon before. But unlaced Doc Martens, H&M? Really? That in combination with the green and blue Cosby sweater underneath the leather jacket and super jaunty pastel scarf just confuse me. What persona are we channeling here? Is it Sid Vicious? Basquiat? Huxtable? A chorus member from Rent? Though the blue skin is really bringing to mind The Beast from X-Men, who is generally naked and might not know any better when it comes to layering.

Meanwhile, the woman on the right has obviously just gotten into a heated brawl with a cast member from Cats. (Damn you, Bombalurina, I know it was you.) Neither her shirt nor her skirt made it out alive. But to console herself, she has purchased a lifetime membership to Hollywood Tans.

I fully expect to see these exquisite fashions being modeled on the streets of Times Square momentarily. Stay tuned...

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