Friday, May 15, 2009

No Intel Inside

In a brilliant marketing move, Intel has asked people to text their answer to the question: 'What do you want in the future?' and then posted those apparently unfiltered answers on four ginormous electronic signs in the middle of Times Square.

When your company’s name is derived from the word ‘intelligence,’ I’m not really sure that’s the best idea. Here's why:

To this I respond, in the future, I want spell check on mobile devices. Or people to know how to spell the word 'world' before they're allowed mobile devices. Or better yet, Intel to have put some of the money required to run this:

into a copy editor of some sort who could have at least fixed the spelling mistakes before displaying them in letters 200 feet high.

Moving on:

In case you can't read that one properly, it says: 'In the future I want...Science and Engineering in our cities, not just Lowcostville, USA.'

Well, um, kudos Anonymous for spelling everything right. But what the hell does that mean? Are you trying to say that Science and Engineering are currently only running rampant in poorer communities? And where is this Lowcostville anyway? What are the property taxes like? And, more importantly, has Billy Joel written a song about it yet?

Don't give me that "Average Joe" bull. I know that's you, TS Spidey.

Clearly an Intel employee. Maybe this is the copy editor trying to make up for letting all those spelling mistakes fly.

Cars that fly? "Envirimont?" chipmunklover08? Allllllviiiiin! David Seville, you've just been letting them run amok lately haven't you, as evidenced by this and that atrocious 3-D animated thing you signed off on last year. Just give him a damn hula-hoop already and keep them in school for chrissakes before I call Chipmunk Services on you.

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