Thursday, May 14, 2009

Land Of The Pilgrim's Pride

Honestly, sometimes this blog just writes itself:

This is just like a Highlights Magazine exercise. Alright, kids, let's find all the things wrong with this picture, shall we?

1) A kid has decided to don a cherished baseball cap of his uncle's. Whose fond memories of it include that time he wore it to a 1991 Kris Kross concert.
2) This kid came to Times Square yesterday on some sort of educational field trip with his classmates. Wherein they promptly lined up outside of Planet Hollywood. (No doubt to visit their notoriously knowledgeable host stand.)
3) There was a goddamn lizard on a leash. At one point hanging out on Uncle Julian's fabled hat.
4) Is it just me or does that woman who got into frame look exactly like a teacher every human being on the planet has had at one point in his or her academic career?
5) The red, white, and blue balloons in this photo really make it for me. They say: This Is America.


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