Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Color Purple

Tragically, I've been away from Times Square this entire week. If you must know, a twitch has set into into my right eye, probably from the lack of minimal wattage my retinas have become used to. But would it really be fair to deprive you from your fix? I didn't think so. So, it's time to dig into the archives of my camera's memory card.

And...drumroll please...

Ta da!

What? Are you underwhelmed by this poster for HBO's latest "multimedia event?" Look, times are tough. They were trying to save on what must be astoundingly expensive multicolored printing on a poster that's 4x2 miles. And, at this point, the powers-that-be have surely decided that the fiscally responsible thing to do would be to have the company run by the best, freest labor there is. So the job fell to one person to find the color and that person, obviously, was the NYU intern.

I salute you, NYU intern. For selecting the first color that you saw in your NYU-merch-infested backpack, for spelling everything correctly, and for using the word multimedia. You are worth your weight in the free Diet Coke Home Box Office is plying you with.

And thank you, HBO Marketing Team, for taking what is probably an insightful look at an incredibly fascinating disease and advertising it in the least attractive way possible. No, the sheer size and audacious location of your ad doesn't make up for it. But then again, if you want to throw some of those Diet Cokes my way...I may be persuaded to change my mind.

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  1. To be fair, nobody likes to look at pictures of sad old people. This poster could have gone a far more tragic route. But what exactly is an HBO multimedia event?