Monday, April 13, 2009

You're So Vain

This is the NASDAQ building:

Those little square rectangles underneath the word 'NASDAQ' are flat-screen TVs. And on them are:

That's right, it's a live feed of the NASDAQ building. I don't quite know why that's necessary...but here are some hypotheses:

1) Given the economic status quo, the building is so shocked to not have burst into flames yet that it needs to keep checking itself for signs of smoke.
2) The building has decided to use this hectic time and place to self-reflect.
3) Instead of showing America the state of the economy, the building has decided to give comfort to walkers-by with the timeless consolation prize, "at least you're on TV!" spoken by Pat Sajak at 10-minute intervals.
4) The building has decided that if one camera adds 10 pounds, then maybe having one camera projected 8x will inflate you accordingly. That's right, Japan! We're okay! Please keep lending us money...
5) The building has recently given itself a paltry, recession-appropriate $1.5 million bonus and has decided to use the money to freshen up its exterior with some fancy new equipment. After all, what can really be done about the interior? Might as well look good, right? AND pour some money back into the electronics industry. Selfless, really.
And bonus reason #6) The building is hoping to get some folksy singer/songwriter to pen a ditty about its excessive vanity...and then sell the secret identity of itself for $100K in 20 years. Jack Johnson, are you listening?

1 comment:

  1. Maybe it's a new take one the Russian Matryoshka dolls? Inside those huge flat screen images, are even tinier images of flat screen televisions...and inside eyes just melted.