Thursday, April 23, 2009

The T-Shirt Code

Oh, Planet Hollywood. Just when I think I may not have material for a new blog post, you ride in on your crazy bombastic self and give me this:

Tourists and laymen alike, please remain calm and orderly when I issue this decree: the Holy Grail of these parts has been found. That's right, it is "The Ultimate New York Souvenir" and it resides within the hallowed walls of our very own Planet Hollywood.

The only problem is that, much like a Dan Brown novel, there are not going to be blatant signs as to which of the fine items in Planet Hollywood is The Ultimate Souvenir. So, to assist you, I shall point out ancient clues that were placed around the city centuries ago by the secret cult, Foresighti. Although these clues have been in plain sight and on New York's most famous landmarks for all these years, no one has had the key to piecing them together...until now.

Are you ready? Good. That'll just be $49.95 for the tour heart-pounding race against time. I hope you brought sneakers. And some sort of heavy sack to trade out with the Ultimate Souvenir so that the walls of Planet Hollywood don't cave in on you. Yeah, your unnecessarily enormous tourist backpack should do just fine.

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