Monday, April 27, 2009

A Parting Gift

As you may have gathered, there is hardly anything that can take me away from my cherished Times Square. In fact, I've been thinking about penning a Motown song to that effect...
Nothing you could say, could tear me away from Elmo (from Elmo).
Nothing you could do, 'cause there's not one, but two...of Elmo (two Elmos).

I digress. The point is only wild horses or jury duty could keep me from sharing my devotion to all things Times Square via this blog. Inconceivably, one of those two caveats has come to be (I'll let you imagine which one on your own).

This means that I won't be able to be your Virtual TS Tour Guide for the next couple of weeks. But as soon I'm back in Tourist Inferno where I belong, be sure that this blog will once again be your go-to destination for the 10,000-watt madness that you crave (don't deny it).

In the meantime, I leave you with this. The fanciest building in all of Times Square:

Where were you, Bow-Tie Building when I needed a date to the prom? I so would have been the coolest person there. Who wants to go with some stupid kid who can book a hotel room when I could have gone with a whole series of rooms?

We could have had something, BTB (Can I call you that? Or are you too fancy? Lord BTB, perhaps?). You with your chiseled body and steely...well, steel. Mugging with me for my mom's camera. Touchingly finding a way to buy me a corsage despite your lack of limbs.

But I suppose now we'll just have to make do with staring wistfully at each other, always left to ponder the might-have-beens of our bygone youth.

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  1. What you didn't notice is this:

    Like the bow tie's evil cousin, the t-shirt with the picture of a tux silk-screened on it, there was a bum living in a box next to the Bow Tie Building, and he drew a picture of the building on his box.