Friday, April 3, 2009

A Little Something for the Orwell Fans

See, the sign above says Times Square 2009, but the graphics are screaming Welcome to 1984.

First of all, that 'confetti' looks like it was imported straight from my 4th grade classroom copy of Print Shop (and what a fine banner border it made). That bizarre electric ball is definitely either from the opening sequence of Weird Science or Out of This World. And that hot pink checkerboard pattern behind the 'Welcome' screen is reminding me of some sort of twisted board game conglomeration of Battleship and Girl Talk, brainstormed by a coked-out Hasbro CEO in order to make a game about blowing up ships palatable to little girls.

The best part though is the catchphrase: "The Ball Drops Here." I'm guessing this is meant to be a clever twist on "The Buck Stops Here"...which was made popular by President Harry Truman. In the 40s. This is rather anachronistic of you, Times Square. I would have gone with the much more thematic "Where's the Ball?" It would have really tied everything together nicely.

In case you can't make it out here to see it in all it's glory, here's a video of the sign.

On second thought, Welcome to 1984 IS a rather clever literary reference to signify Times Square. Well played, TS masterminds. Well played.

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